African Agency for Integrated Development (AAID), is a registered International Non –Government Organization operating globally. It is dedicated to empowering and promoting the welfare of the poor in communities, through education, training and provision of basic services (including clean water, sanitation, health, and food security), improving household income and promotion of human rights.

Weircapacity provides specialized expertise in the efficient and sustainable management of Water, Environment, and Infrastructure in Africa, with a focus on improving Human and Institutional capacity

Clean Drops by the Kay Ann Group is an all-female water technology and innovation company based in South Africa. They provide strategic water services and consulting to companies and communities at the climate change front lines.
Kernow Black is a leader in high quality biochar sale, inc. postal and delivery sales. Additional services include using / re-using resources and materials for social & environmental benefit, producing biochar in energy efficient kilns and providing information & consultation on soil improvement.

SolarSpring is a developer of clean-energy water systems.  The solutions desalinate and treat seawater and non-potable water using solar energy or waste heat. These clean energy sources are used to power technologies such as membrane distillationultrafiltration, UV disinfection and more.  Our expertise is in the design and integration of water treatment systems that operate on low or intermittent energy sources.  SolarSpring is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and our close collaboration continues on many research activities and field deployments.