Management Team

Rodrigo Correa, Managing Director

Rodrigo is the Managing Director of ExigoSolar. The last four years, Rodrigo has organically grown ExigoSolar though partnership development, technology investment and development and enhanced its overall global business operations. Rodrigo holds a BA in Social Anthropology, Goldsmiths and a MSc in International Politics, SOAS as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Development in Practice at Birkbeck College. Before ExigoSolar, Rodrigo was a long-time project manager for local councils and international development organisations. After going to the UN's Planet Under Pressure conference and speaking to various climate scientists, civil society and UN delegates, Rodrigo believed that there was a need to address access inequality to new water and solar technologies and there were innovative ways to bring prices down such as how product water is stored and how systems are assembled.

Rodrigo also holds a certificate  in desalination from the European Desalination Society.

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Andrew Herweg, Head of Comms and Social Media

Andrew is an Assistant Director at ExigoSolar. Andrew has been with the organization for the last three years. He works alongside Rodrigo in business development, technology investment as well as spearheads key marketing initiatives and East Africa operations. Andrew has a  BA in International Studies, West Virginia University and MA in International Conflict Studies, King’s College London.  Before ExigoSolar, Andrew advised Fortune 500 and micro-cap companies on communications, marketing and investment strategies as well as was a former consultant on economic development projects in the Caribbean. Andrew has extensive experience in European, East African and Americas regions. He is based in East Africa.

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