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Founded: 2016

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97% of the world's water resources are in the oceans.  Large scale water supply contracts can be very costly in terms of building the plants and time taken to deliver projects which often fail to reach rural communities, lack mobility and cannot deliver to more isolated communities. At the same time traditional groundwater pumps and borehole tech often fail at sustaining demand capacity long term and so struggle to reach, clean and deal with contaminated aquifers (see Rural Water Supply Network research). 


Our award winning desalination and purification from partner technologies provide reliable and safe water to meet all your needs and by giving communities access to knowledge transfer and sharing we remove long term dependency that currently exists in water scarce communities.  Making systems affordable through upscaling and refurbishing systems as well as allowing for full assembly locally to bring down the price. From pumping the water from the source and filtering during this process then to storage they are all fully powered by solar or other low carbon means.  In addition one of the advantages of offering an off-grid tech solution is overcoming the ongoing issue of grid leakages and contamination by new and existing grid piping which some WASH experts suggest is one of the least addressed causes for water scarcity. 

Our distribution network of leading technical water experts and innovation managers across Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.  

‚ÄčContainerised solutions to deliver 100,000 litres/day!
Alongside our R&D partners in Europe and South-east Asia, we are developing new small scale systems which are more energy efficient and have higher production capacities. 

Building our global network
ExigoSolar is constantly working to expand its presence around the world. In Nigeria, we're excited to announce our work with Weir Capacity.

Contaminated aquifers

We are seeing NGOs working with low grade tech that is contributing to poor quality water tech investment which is keeping communities poor in terms of access to technology. We believe that are solar UF and UV technology offerings allow for us to deal with the dual issue of contaminated aquifers and reaching water faster.

Brine Innovation 
We are currently exploring the latest technology on how to utlise brine as an additional power-source and brine re-use opportunities in our on-going projects around the world. 

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