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Simple. Plug 'n' Play. Climate Resilient.   100% Solar Powered

​Our Solar Powered Treatment Technologies

Solar Ultra Filtration for dealing with contaminated water               .

Contaminated water solution. Removes 99.9999% of  harmful bacteria and viruses. Low maintenance. High quality product water for upto 10,000 people daily using one unit.

          'Exigo' meaning complete 

ExigoSolar is at the forefront of the social, diplomatic and scientific worlds supporting the development of affordable 100% solar powered desalination and purification water technologies working in the interest of communities and businesses around the world to help them combat water shortages..

To learn more about how we can help you or to see how you can join our distribution network, contact us at


We offer sustainable small scale solar purification  and desalination solutions for arid and off-grid regions. Our market tested solutions are the ideal systems for remote settlements, hospitals & medical clinics, schools, hotels & resorts and industrial applications. We also provide:

​·        Lab systems for new membrane technologies

·        Knowledge transfer in zero carbon and climate resilient technologies

·        Investment & marketing assistance for new water technologies 

·        Access to international distribution network spanning from Nigeria to Papua New Guinea

·        Research & Development in brine re-use


Source of water: ground or surface water in remote and rural location. Where the water is cloudy ( low turbidity). Post treatment for Reverse Osmosis

SolarUV Disinfection System for remote and rural locations